Time on the Water

Kentucky Lake

Last weekend for the holiday weekend I decided to go down to visit my friend who lives in Paducah.  We ended up spending the whole weekend at his lake house on Kentucky Lake.  As the Pastoral was on my mind at the time, I thought to myself “This will be a nice relaxing weekend and I will be able to return to lexington refreshed”.  So, I proceeded to leave my cellphone at the lake house when we went out on the lake the first night, and it was a great feeling to not be stuck in the urban setting with the constant buzz of the sirens on Nicholasville and the buzzing of my phone to annoy me.  Besides the boat it was a evening out on the water with very little to think about.  I think many people also come to the lake seeking this kind of relaxation.  The next day we spent the whole day out on the water so I had no choice, I had to bring my phone just in case of emergency.  Although the next day was not like the evening we had spent before, there is something about a Jet ski that just doesn’t seem to fit into the theme of anything pastoral to me.

This is pastoral....Right?

Also the fact that the lake was teeming with people, my relaxing weekend had taken a turn to a more adrenaline filled one with out the simplicity of nature that I wouldn’t have minded having. But if I had truly wanted that then I suppose I would have taken something out something without a motor.

Because I was with other people I was obviously not going to object to doing the many things that make the lake fun, instead of being a relaxing place.  Although looking back at my time on the lake I seemed to have a balance between the fun and the relaxing.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time that we spent just with the boat of in the water just enjoying the surrounding nature.  Do other people also come out to the lake to make a retreat from the city? Obviously I think that this is a good accusation, although I like to put forth the thought that people can head out to the lake with good intentions and end up with things that they weren’t entirely expecting.

There is also another thing that I’d like to point out that I noticed about the lake, we went out to a place on kentucky lake called the rock quarry, which is exactly what you would expect. A rock quarry that is 210 ft deep and it plays host to a large gathering of people on boats with loud music.  So I beg the question why has a serene place, or one that had the potential to be serene become overrun with technology and many other things that plague our urban environment?  Also if you are familiar with the lake you will notice that there is a ton of graffiti all over the wall(see video below), that has just defiled the natural beauty of nature, but for what purpose?  There are many things that I began to question while on the lake, and if you haven’t read SgtEstes article, I recommend you do as it offers great questions about hiking.  I’ll leave you with one of the highlights from my weekend, jumping of the cliff in the quarry (this isn’t me but I did the same thing!) Now the next step going skydiving!


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