Pastoral…Haunting My Dreams?

Someone recently just posted a free form article titled “Pastoral…IT’S EVERYWHERE”. I couldn’t agree more. I’m beginning to catch myself thinking “How could I relate this to pastoral?” or “Does this relate to pastoral in an way”. I guess it can’t be much of a bad thing seeing as how to get the best grade possible, you have to eat, sleep, and breathe pastoral! I really started to notice my “obsession” (if you could really call it that) with finding pastoral when my marine called me today. He’s currently overseas and naturally, he was saying how much he missed home. He started describing all the thing he missed doing in perfect detail. Even though I was sitting in the house, it was such perfect detail that I could almost see myself doing it right that very second. After listening to his sad little complaining session (which he is rightfully entitled too) I couldn’t help but to think about how much this reminded of some of the pastoral themes of missing past times when things were much simpler that we have been spending time studying. Seriously? Someone please tell me why after waiting to hear from him for two weeks, I still have pastoral on the brain? Sorry Andrew, but I had to quickly kick the whole pastoral thought for a little bit.

I was also reminded of pastoral when I went to my grandfathers veteran’s ceremony on Memorial Day. He proudly marched through a parade with his veteran buddies with a beaming smile on his face. He then played TAPS while they raised the flag. After all was said and done, we stopped at the local diner to eat some of the best pie you have EVER tasted in your life. His buddies were all enjoying their pie and talking about their days of bravery and all the good times they had “raising hell”. They had these looks on their faces as if they were truly thinking back and picturing every little detail of their teen years. It was good to hear their stories and of course, get a good laugh. But again, I thought of pastoral. It seems to me, that in every new memory; like the Memorial Day ceremony, old memories are always brought to the stage and those memories seem to be the ones that we always hold on to and cherish….memories that we wish we could relive, if only for a minute.

Veterans Ceremony 🙂


One thought on “Pastoral…Haunting My Dreams?

  1. OMG! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve honestly never payed so much attention to pastoral themes and tensions in every day life. Its like when you buy a vehicle then suddenly you notice your kind of car every where on the road all of a sudden. I just finished my last post about themes I’ve found in music.

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