End of Course Review

Remember everyone that the real course evaluation is to be completed online.  The University of Kentucky should have sent a link to your e mail box.  Be sure to complete this, but in addition, I’m interested in hearing from you guys about your experience with researching, blogging, writing online, gathering information with social media, etc.  A recent article in the Seattle Times talks about the new generation of college students who are perhaps not “slackers” or “dumb” as we might suspect, but instead simply overwhelmed with information.  Is this your experience?

Feel free to leave some comments below regarding your stance on this and your interactions with information in the class.


4 thoughts on “End of Course Review

  1. Yes alot of times I will say this is applicable to me. I was preparing for the olympiad biology, chemisty and math competition in 2008 and had alot to study alot. I was so overwhelmed by how much I had to cover in two weeks of the competition, that I ended up giving up especially on the Math section. In fact, I was so frustrated that I ended up dropping the math competion entirely and continued with just the biology and chemistry part. It sometimes happens, it is not that we cannot handle it. It just seems too much that one immediately get discouraged

  2. I enjoyed the class. I thought the blog was a nice change of pace from the usual “lecture – notes – sleep” technique utilized by most professors.Being actively engaged in discussion and conversation in class is useful too. It is always interesting to hear different points of view than your own. I read the article and I can kind of agree that college kids these days may be on an information overload. I always get better grades when I’m not bogged down with five different classes. My time away from school is extremely limited and so for me it is very important to maintain an efficient schedule of my free time. I’m a father, business owner, employee and run a health and fitness web site all while going to school at UK full time. I seldom get any breaks at all from “life” and when I do its usually to exercise. I don’t really watch TV at all, or “go out” except to enjoy dinner. Thanks to the common professor attitude of “there is only my class and your other classes aren’t important” most students are overloaded with heavy coursework. If I didn’t need to work to make money I could not argue not having enough time to concentrate on school work, unfortunately for most young kids these days this is not the case. Most have at least a part time job to help pay bills and living expenses. I have only ever had one B at UK and it was during a fall semester while taking a full course load. Personally I love taking summer classes because it gives me the opportunity to actually “concentrate and absorb” the information rather than spend most of my time worrying about just keeping up with everything for school plus my hectic personal life as well. Good class though, good discussions – I certainly learned a lot about both pastoral and literature in general.

    • I noticed some of the same things. Because this is the only class most people are taking, everyone brings a great deal of focus and concentration to the room each day. Much more than in traditional fall and spring semesters. However, the downside is that learning often takes time (which even college professors can’t alter), and by the end of such an intense session, everyone displays signs of burnout.

  3. I definitely agree with SgtEstes! It’s always nice in the summer because I feel like I have time to learn the information as I go instead of cramming and trying to learn everything right before an exam. I took two classes this first summer session. It was really stressful but so worth it because I got 6 credit hours in 4 weeks. Although I’m not much of a reader and I never really speak out in class discussion, I feel like I did a good job with that this course. The blog was kind of confusing at first, but I found it to be a helpful and organized way to plan out everything in our course. I feel like once I make my final edits on Essay 2 here in a little bit and the class is officially over I will still be thinking pastoral.

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