Cell Phones Linked to Cancer

Earlier this morning, the CNN Breaking News  alert popped up on my iPhone that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that radiation from cell phone usage can cause cancer. At first I totally blew off what I had just read. Then I thought, wait, haven’t people been saying this for years? I thought that this was a rumor when cell phones first became popular and it was proved to not be true? Then what doesn’t cause cancer now and if this is true aren’t we all in trouble?

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Farming in the City

Growing up on a farm in a small town in southern Kentucky, the simple life was something that I grew up surrounded by, not just something I now want to get back to. For as long as I can remember my family has got together at the beginning of each spring and planted a huge garden between our farms, rows and rows of all the fruits and vegetables that you could ever imagine. The garden is a family effort and we all work together to maintain it. The reward from the garden is that it feeds my entire extended family and their friends and families for the whole summer, plus at the end we still have enough left to freeze and can for the fall and winter. I remember when my great-grandmother was still alive we would still have her frozen creamed corn at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and it tasted so fresh, like it had just been picked.

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Organic Food: The Push to Get Back to a Simpler Time

When I walked into the grocery store the other day I was overwhelmed by how much the organic food section had grown since last time I had noticed it. What used to be a section or an aisle or food is now taking up almost a third of the store. When it comes to choosing something as simple as milk and eggs you now have organic and cage-free varieties selling right next to the competitors.  All of hype over organic foods got me wondering, do consumers really know what they are purchasing or are they so taken by the idea of organic that they will buy anything that claims to be natural or organic?

Organic foods have been one of the hot new trends in the food industry over the past several years. Despite the ailing economy, and the fact that organic foods can carry a price tag equal to double that of its conventional competitor, the organic industry is continuing to grow.  But when it comes to the decision of organic or not, consumers must ask themselves, what am I paying twice the amount of money for and is it really worth the hefty price tag?

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O Brave New World

The opening scene of Shakespeare’s rumored last play, The Tempest, opens with a dangerous, chaotic storm. The opening scene contrasts to the second scene in which you meet Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan, and his daughter, Miranda. The scene is replaced by a feeling of wonder and amazement, a feeling that is critically maintained throughout the play. Miranda questions Prospero about her past while upholding this admiration of the new world. While Prospero is intentionally made to feel prosperous and godlike, Miranda is meant to seem naïve and full of wonder. Her character, full of whimsical amazement contrasted with the stark ruling attitude of Prospero represents the underlying pastoral tension represented in the play. In the final act, Miranda exclaims: Continue reading