Daddy’s Girl

I’m not going to lie, I got a little teary-eyed when I read the part in American Pastoral where Merry spotted the Swede and when “she raced across the street, this frightful creature, and like the carefree child he used to enjoy envisioning back when he was himself a carefree child – the girl running from her swing outside the stone house – she threw herself upon his chest, her arms encircling his neck.” (Roth, 230) I am definitely a daddy’s girl. My dad and I are very much alike, both very stubborn, so we’ve had our share of arguments and at times, we’ve really disliked each other. But, I love my dad, and now more than ever since I am older and in college away from him. Continue reading


Live And Let Live

“No!” he shouted. The Jainism, the legalism, the egregious innocence, all of it desperation, all of it to distance herself from the four who are dead. “This will not do! You are not an Algerian woman! You are not from Algeria and you are not from India! You are an American girl from Old Rimrock, New Jersey! A very, very screwed-up American girl!” (Roth, 264)

This dialogue comes from the latest book we have read in class, American Pastoral by Philip Roth. I’m not much of a history person, but I liked the use of real historical events in this fiction novel. Something that really stood out to me was Merry’s new practice of life that she introduced to her father in Chapter 6 when he finally finds her and visits with her. Her new religion is what is called Jainism. I knew nothing about this way of life, and didn’t even know if it was real when I first read the novel. I looked it up and decided I would look further into it since we didn’t cover much of it in class and because I found it quite interesting. Continue reading

Plug it in, plug it in?

Imagine a typical morning in  your everyday life. You wake up to the alarm on your iHome and start playing your “good morning” playlist, unhook the cell phone from the charger, smell the refreshing clean linen fragrance coming from your plug-in air freshener, and you head to the kitchen. Your coffee is already brewed for you thanks to your handy coffee maker with the automatic timer, you put a piece of bread in the toaster, then make your way to the bathroom. You go to turn the hair straightener on and realize that you left it on after using it yesterday. Oh well, right? It’s already heated up now so you begin styling your hair. It’s just a regular morning doing ordinary things.  But how much did the electric bill go up by just doing these everyday practices? Continue reading

See Ya Monday in Class, Unless the World Ends Tomorrow.

Being raised as a Christian, I know that the Bible calls the end of times Armageddon.  This is also commonly known as Doomsday, or Judgement Day. This is the day where Jesus comes back to takes his believers to Heaven with him, and leaves the non-believers to go through a long period of torment on Earth.  At the end of this time, Earth and all sin will perish.  I also know that in the Bible it says that no one is supposed to know when this day will come.  As believers, we are supposed to be ready at any time for the coming of Jesus.  However, there is a man who believes he has calculated  the end of time and claims to know when this day will come.

Doomsday is scheduled for tomorrow, May 21, 2011.  Are you ready?

Ready for end of the world?

Continue reading

The Seaweed is Always Greener in Somebody Else’s Lake

Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite Disney Princess has always been Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Not only is Ariel a beautiful Princess who lives under the sea with her friends Flounder and Sebastian, but she lives the princess life as the King’s daughter with a large collection of treasures left in the sea by the humans. I have always imagined how wonderful life under the sea would be. I longed to be able to breathe under water and swim as I pleased. Life as a princess and as a mermaid seem like a pretty cool life to live. Continue reading