Time on the Water

Kentucky Lake

Last weekend for the holiday weekend I decided to go down to visit my friend who lives in Paducah.  We ended up spending the whole weekend at his lake house on Kentucky Lake.  As the Pastoral was on my mind at the time, I thought to myself “This will be a nice relaxing weekend and I will be able to return to lexington refreshed”.  So, I proceeded to leave my cellphone at the lake house when we went out on the lake the first night, and it was a great feeling to not be stuck in the urban setting with the constant buzz of the sirens on Nicholasville and the buzzing of my phone to annoy me.  Besides the boat it was a evening out on the water with very little to think about.  I think many people also come to the lake seeking this kind of relaxation.  The next day we spent the whole day out on the water so I had no choice, I had to bring my phone just in case of emergency.  Although the next day was not like the evening we had spent before, there is something about a Jet ski that just doesn’t seem to fit into the theme of anything pastoral to me. Continue reading


Lost in the Pastoral?

Every day we expose ourselves to many different kinds of entertainment, whether it be television, music, or reading a book.  It is safe to say that even though there is no firm showing of pastoral literature as there happened to be in the day of Virgil(exclusively involving shepherds), there are many themes that have lasted through the decades since it was conceptualized.  Since the first day we started to talk about pastoral and we made the connection of the many themes we had discussed in class to this tv show   Ever since its pilot episode, the tv show Lost has been very provocative in many different contexts.  It offers many different things about destiny and morals.  It is very possible to say that the title of the show comes from the fact that all of these people are lost in their lives and their retreat to the island is in a pastoral sense where in this case they are brought to the island away from civilization to deal with their problems. Continue reading