Pastoral…Haunting My Dreams?

Someone recently just posted a free form article titled “Pastoral…IT’S EVERYWHERE”. I couldn’t agree more. I’m beginning to catch myself thinking “How could I relate this to pastoral?” or “Does this relate to pastoral in an way”. I guess it can’t be much of a bad thing seeing as how to get the best grade possible, you have to eat, sleep, and breathe pastoral! I really started to notice my “obsession” (if you could really call it that) with finding pastoral when my marine called me today. He’s currently overseas and naturally, he was saying how much he missed home. He started describing all the thing he missed doing in perfect detail. Even though I was sitting in the house, it was such perfect detail that I could almost see myself doing it right that very second.  Continue reading


Finding Pastoral In Today’s World

When faced with the essay two assignment I started thinking about how I found it challenging. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of topic I wanted to tie the whole pastoral and counter pastoral themes in to. My last free form blog that I posted about Food Inc. is something that I feel I could relate to the pastoral theme. The actual Food Inc. video is a host to numerous important topics that America is being faced with. Some of these topics include organic foods, food born illness, factory farming, pesticides, and farm worker protection. Although the topics are all important, I plan to focus on factory farming and the farm worker protection. Continue reading

Food Inc

When I was a freshman in high school, I made the decision to become a vegetarian, which then lead to my interest in what seemed like hours of research. Not only did I research to learn about what my body and the environment was benefitting from my decision. I also had to read up on the facts so I could stand my ground when it came to my meat loving family who at first, seemed to throw questions my way every chance they got. When my senior year of high school finally rolled around, we were faced with a major research project that ultimately decided if we got to graduate or not. This project was allowed to be over any topic that we chose to focus on, within reason of course. So naturally i gravitated toward something I knew about already but that I would enjoy researching and learning about. I chose to do my project over the effects of a vegetarian lifestyle on your body and the environment. Little did I know, I still had so much more to learn about this topic. One of my teachers, took an interest in my research project and introduced me to a video called “Food Inc.”. Continue reading

An Escape From Reality

Deciding upon a topic to focus on was quite hard for me. There are multiple pastoral themes that I have taken interest in so it felt like I had a million jumbled up thoughts running through my head. Although I had many ideas for my essay, he theme that seemed to catch my interest most was one responsibility and loss.

Todays world is filled with hustle and bustle accompanied by a never ending sense of urgency. I think it is safe to say we all long for a time when all we had to worry about was finishing your veggies before dessert. I personally had a carefree childhood that was filled with a loving mother and father who provided me with everything that I needed. Things were so simple, I went to school to socialize with my friends and played soccer in my free time. There was no thought of a job, my future career plans, or the bills that I would eventually be paying.

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