Crisis Mapping

 Could the smart phone be a survival tool? Christopher Van Tilburg, author of Smart Phone: Survival Tool says it’s possible. A smart phone can do lots of cool things, but is it needed for us to survive? We are talking surviving in the wilderness like on a backpacking trip. Going on a trip where you are completely surrounded by trees and beautiful nature is when the use of a smart phone could come in handy. Let’s say someone goes on a hike, most people might take a backpack filled with things that might come in handy on the trail. The essentials might include a canteen with water, snack bars, pocket knife, compass, map, first aid kit, sunscreen, handkerchief, and an extra pair of socks. Is the smart phone now an essential when you go out in to the wilderness? Continue reading


Fight nature with nature

The beauty of nature that surrounds us is flawless. Nature is so important to our beautiful world. As Walden said in “Economy” the four necessities of life come from nature; those being food, shelter, clothing, and fuel. Without a doubt nature is a very valuable resource for many things. We use wood from the trees to make paper and to make the foundation of houses. We use the soil in the ground to grow our plants and food in gardens so we can eat. We use the water from our streams and lakes for drinking water. This is just a small list of the things we use nature for. The list is can go on forever. That’s why it is so important to keep the outdoors healthy and plentiful.  When I think of what I use nature for it is a place of relaxation and meditation. On a nice day out I enjoy going outside for a leisure walk or I like to just sit on the grass and think or read a magazine. I love the feeling of openness and calmness. Continue reading

You are what you eat

The famous saying “you are what you eat” always pops up in my mind randomly. I remember when I was little my favorite food was French fries, so of course I ate them all the time. My mom always told me I was going to turn into a French fry if I ate too many. But that didn’t stop me, I kept eating them. To this day, I still love French fries. It’s a really unhealthy habit I crave. Are eating these fries that are made with hydrogenated oils, trans fat, greasy, salty, and fried causing harm to my body? They most certainly are. According to health ranger Mike Adams, the author of The Top Five Cancer Causing Foods, says that French fries should be renamed to “cancer fries” because they are that bad for you. Not only do they clog your arteries with saturated fat and trans fat, they also contain acrylamides. When starchy foods are subjected to high heat, acrylamides form. Continue reading


Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! Are familiar sounds heard on a farm in the country but is that noise making its way to the city? It sure is. The sounds of chickens and hens are coming from people’s backyards. This trend of raising your on chickens is hatching. Now that we are in the summer months, more people are starting to spend more time outdoors. Going to the park, taking walks around your neighborhood, or grilling hamburgers are common occurrences. When I think about walking through my neighborhood you will usually see kids playing, flowers blooming, and cars driving by. You will also hear birds chirping, dogs barking, and kids screaming and laughing. Something you might hear that is not so common in a suburban neighborhood would be hens and chickens clucking. These animal sounds are becoming more popular in the city rather than commonly heard in the country. Continue reading

The Complex Simple Life

As I was brainstorming and pondering on the topic I will choose to write about I was thinking back on the plays we are reading or have read. While reading The Tempest and The Eclogues of Virgil, we have seen a common theme show through both of these. As these two plays are different, they can be related because of their connection to pastoral literature. When we think of what pastoral is we think of a nature based carefree and peaceful environment. Everything is very down to earth and simple. Both of our readings can definitely relate back to this. But what about a complex life, some people live quite a complex life compared to the simple pastoral life. Complexity is thought to be technology based and simplicity is nature based. In my essay I want to talk about simplicity versus complexity in the technology sense. Is technology a good or bad thing to our culture? Continue reading