End of Course Review

Remember everyone that the real course evaluation is to be completed online.  The University of Kentucky should have sent a link to your e mail box.  Be sure to complete this, but in addition, I’m interested in hearing from you guys about your experience with researching, blogging, writing online, gathering information with social media, etc.  A recent article in the Seattle Times talks about the new generation of college students who are perhaps not “slackers” or “dumb” as we might suspect, but instead simply overwhelmed with information.  Is this your experience?

Feel free to leave some comments below regarding your stance on this and your interactions with information in the class.


Final Exam Study Guide

This post is just a friendly reminder that we’ll be having our final exam in class on June 7 (the last day of the semester).  Fortunately, I’m providing a study guide to help us along the way.  The exam format will resemble that of your midterm, with several exceptions. In addition to free-standing quotation identification sections, you’ll be asked to briefly sketch out the interpretative consequences of critical perspectives on the texts we’ve read by answering multiple choice questions.  If you’d like, we can go over a sample in class. Continue reading