Its As Easy As Breathing

There was once a man having a hard time breathing so the man decides to go the doctor.  When he gets to the clinic, he tells the doctor, “Doctor, doctor, I’m really worried about my breathing!”  and the doctor replies “Don’t be – we’ll soon find something to stop it!”

When I heard this joke the wheels in my head got turning and a few thoughts came to my mind.  Not only did a few laughs pop out, but a few thoughts came to my head that are not laughing matters.  I love to breathe!  It is a habit that I have become accustomed to over the past twenty years, and without air I would not be able to live.  The favorite part of my day is in the morning when I wake up and head out to the front porch and take in a huge whiff of the outside air.  Not only does it wake me up but it makes me feel refreshed and alive in the morning.  This is where the main thought came to my mind.  Not only does the refreshing air make me feel alive, but it also keeps me alive. Continue reading