Michigan Farming High School shutting down

I know that class is basically over, but after doing some final research for my paper I happened to stumble upon this article on Grist, “Amazing urban farm school for teen moms will be shut down.”¬†¬†Michigan’s Catherine Ferguson Academy is to be shut down by this summer after a new law allows the emergency manager of the schools, Rick Snyder, unilateral authority in the matter. In other words, its his decision and his alone. Does this school sound familiar? Well, that’s because it’s the same school mentioned in Rachel Solnit’s “Detroit Arcadia.”


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Putting the pastoral back into Detroit

I went to Michigan for the first time last summer. Lake Leelanau was by far one of the most beautiful places I had ever been to and I would more than gladly go back every year. This is why after reading Solnit’s “Detroit Arcardia: Exploring the Post-American Landscape” it really struck a cord with me. Not only does Solnit highlight the ever growing desolateness of Detroit, but the state of Michigan as a whole. Detroit to me was always the motor city, the home of the Redwings, and one of my good friends, but I had somehow underestimated just how bad the city had actually gotten. From racism to unemployment, abandoned buildings, violence, crime, arson, you name it and Detroit is dealing or has dealt with it.

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