Unnatural Nature

Natural Bridge Sky-lift

This weekend I enjoyed a pastoral retreat away from the urban hustle of my downtown Lexington apartment.  It was nice to get away from the concrete jungle of the city and see something besides grey and red brick buildings and black asphalt for a change.  Pulling off of Mountain Parkway near Slade, Kentucky I immediately rolled my windows down and enjoyed the fresh air of the mountains – a nice change from the stale, coal-sulfur mix I am used to around west campus.  As an avid hiker, camper and health nut, I try to frequent the Red River Gorge area as often as possible throughout the summer.  I parked my truck in the farthest lot from the main trail to the Natural Bridge attraction and began my hike.  There were several other tourists enjoying a pleasant Saturday morning as well.  Most were also hiking enthusiasts such as myself, and had no problem traversing the one mile path up the mountain side to see the attractions.  What really caught my attention once I was at the top, however, was the number of people actually using the sky-lift. Continue reading


Looking Ahead: Back to the Future

On Friday, we’re going to be watching parts of the Robert Zemeckis film, Back to the Future (1985).  Lately, the 1980s have been on a lot of people’s minds for a lot of reasons.  Think about what was happening in our country, the world, and in our culture that could have caused anxieties about the distance between the past and the hope for a future.  In order to prepare for Friday’s class, you may want to read about Reaganomics, the savings and loan crisis, the Cold War, and the films of John Hughes.

It also wouldn’t hurt to explore some of the links and videos below. Continue reading